A CLEAN queen has given her honest thoughts on a viral cleaning product – and it’s not a glowing report.

Kayleigh Taylor, from Fife, regularly shares ‘Clean Tok’ videos on TikTok – @cleanwith_kayleigh – where she boasts two million followers.

She’s got a knack for helping fans with cleaning hacks that don’t break the bank.

But in a recent video, which has racked up more than 84,000 views already, the mum of one revealed she tried a cleaning product that’s “expensive for what it does”.

The item in question was a Herios drain foam cleaner which costs £14.99 for one tin.

Describing the product on their website, bosses at the cleaning brand said: “No more strain when unclogging your drains.

“Plunging a drain in your home is a strenuous task that will not always end well if you are not a plumbing expert.

“The Herios drain foam cleaner is here to eliminate all that struggle so you can unclog your sink, toilet, and bathroom drain.”

But it doesn’t sound like Kayleigh will be adding it to her regular shopping list for the cleaning cupboard.

She said: “TikTok made me buy it.

“Would I buy it again? Probably not.

“It’s expensive for what it does. would have liked to have tried it in the kitchen but it ran out super quick.”

Social media users, however, still seem keen to give it a go.

One admitted: “I’d probs buy it to try it and see if my drains are as clean as yours or not.”

A second wrote: “I so want to try this.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “Wow need this.”

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