A NEW trend on TikTok is meant to help people find a compatible partner.

The moon phase trend is being used to by TikTokers to see if they’re dating the right person.

What is the moon phase TikTok trend?

The new trend sees people looking up the phase of the moon at the time of their birth – and then seeing if it’s a perfect match with their partner’s.

Screenshots of the two moon phases are then merged together to create a video to post online.

According to the trend’s creators, the more they align to make a full moon, the more likely you are to be soulmates.

Still, seeing how you and your partner’s moons align can be fun.


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How to use the moon phase TikTok trend

If you want to check out how compatible you are with your partner, you too can try the moon phase trend.

Follow the steps below to make your own TikTok video:

  • Head to the website https://moonphases.co.uk/
  • Click on the calendar tab at the top of the page
  • Enter your birthdate (make sure you select the correct year)
  • Screenshot or save the image of your moon phase
  • Repeat the steps above, but enter your partner’s birthdate
  • Screenshot or save the image of their moon phase
  • Make sure the two images are the same size
  • Download the app CapCut
  • On TikTok, find a video that offers a template
  • Click “Use Template in CapCut”
  • Select your two images from your photos
  • Hit “preview”
  • Edit the text to your & your partner’s names and birthdays
  • Hit “Add sound in TikTok” to export your video

What will the moon phase calculator tell me?

The moon phase calculator is supposed to tell you how compatible you are with another person, by comparing the positions of the moon on the day you were both born.

Of course, this is simply a trend, and there isn’t anything scientific about the moon’s phase on your birthdate when it comes to love.

Despite this it’s fun and exciting to see what the sky looked like when you and your partner were born.

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