A MUM made a howler of an error when she was trying to clean her car – and it’s left everyone in stitches.

The unfortunate mum wanted to give the inside of her grey Mazda a bit of a clean but instead of reaching for the vinyl cleaner, she picked up some spray paint.

Sisters Greta and Jayde took to TikTok to share the result of the mistake in a short video with their followers.

The two women can be heard howling with laughter as they detail the disaster.

Lines of white spray paint be seen all over the insides of the car doors, along the dashboard and on the steering wheel.

Greta captioned the video: “When mum thinks spray paint is vinyl cleaner… She got every nook and cranny!”

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She can then be heard saying: “Oh my god, what has she done? She has totally f****d her whole car!”

The clip also revealed that Motospray “New Look Vinyl Spray” was used, which is designed to change the colour of a surface.

The clip has now been viewed 1.7million times on the social media site, picking up more than 120,000 likes as well as thousands of comments.

Many users joked the mum now has more cleaning to do than she expected.

Others claimed the label on the spray can was “confusing”.

One commentator wrote: “I don’t understand that label! That appears to be vinyl cleaner to me too.”

Another added: “Hands up everyone who still thinks that looks like vinyl cleaner.”

A third person said: “I in no way blame your mom. That label is insane.”

Others mocked the mum and couldn’t avoid laughing along with the two daughters.

A commentator simply wrote: “Oh mum” and added a trio of laughing emojis.

Another said: “Ohhh, that’s one expensive mistake” and also added a laughing emoji.

A third asked: How did she not realise after the first door?”

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