Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers

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Last year, Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to hold the Packers hostage. And so, 52 weeks ago today, he made it known he’d be returning to the team, with a new contract.

This year, Aaron Rodgers has said he doesn’t want to hold the Packers hostage. If he doesn’t give them basic clarity today, he’s dangerously close to holding the team hostage.

They need to know if he’ll be playing for the Packers, or for anyone. They need to know if they’ll be trading him, and where. They need to chop down a massive cap number via the exercise of an option bonus, if he’s staying.

Although Rodgers seems to think the delay is no big deal, it is. The Packers need to know what’s going on. The Jets need to know what’s going on.

And if Rodgers feels external pressure to make a decision, maybe he’ll retire for now and then, as recently suggested, unretire later.

Whatever he does, the clock keeps ticking louder and louder. Especially since he had two fewer weeks to make his decision in 2022, given that the Packers played in the divisional round. This year, their season ended in Week 18. The drama needs to end ASAFP.

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