A determined 62-year-old grandmother and her 25-year-old husband are planning to have their first child together.

Talking on ITV’s This Morning, Quran McCain and his wife Cheryl McGregor, both from Rome, Georgia, hit back at trolls that said the mother-of-seven is too old to take care of a baby.

“They said I guess just because of my age I can’t take care of a baby, what?” said Cheryl on a video line, from Atlanta.

She added: “I have got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now and I don’t see it as a problem.”

Cheryl, whose children came from a previous relationship, admitted that she couldn’t have a baby, but said they were looking at surrogacy and adoption – and had already spoken to three potential surrogates.

The couple, who have an OnlyFans account and over three million followers on TikTok, spoke about the battle they had been having with their families who think their relationship is a joke.

Cheryl said: “Out of my seven children they were saying he was using me, we weren’t using each other, we can’t help who our hearts fall in love with.”

The pair first met in 2012 while they were both working in the fast food chain Dairy Queen, when Quran was just 15 years old.

But romantic feelings didn’t blossom until they reconnected in 2020, when caretaker Quran saw Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store.

Soon after the couple started dating, they began posting videos of themselves on TikTok and they have now become viral sensations on the platform because of their nearly four-decade age difference.

They got married in 2021 after Quran proposed on a live stream to 20,000 people, with the intimate wedding also live-streamed on the app to their thousands of their fans.

Keeping the fans of their saucier content happy Cheryl and Quran also set up an OnlyFans account.

However, the pair admitted that despite getting a lot of hate on social media, due to their unconventional relationship, it that doesn’t phase them.

After host Holly Willoughby asked what do they say to the haters who think their relationship is scam.

Quran said: “We are just going to keep living our lives because we are happy, we are very much happy, this is a happy healthy marriage, we are looking to start our family and that’s all we got.”

Cheryl added: “Absolutely it’s us against the world.”

Quran previously told Jam Press: “We prefer surrogacy, however, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born.

“We are looking for a nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after it’s born.

“We don’t want people trying to have a baby for us for financial gain, we are not that financially inclined ourselves.

“With adoption, we are looking for a biracial baby so the baby would know, ‘I have half black and half white parents,’ so he [or she] would feel that we are his true parents.”

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