Billie Beever, from Gold Coast in Australia, shared her dating struggles on TikTok only to be told to “face your own consequences”.

The blonde babe, who makes a living relying her spicy content on OnlyFans, opened up an intimate conversation with her 132,000 fans.

She said: “I just found out the reason why men said they can’t date me – you know they say ‘I care for you so much’, ‘I’m the ideal woman’, ‘I’m a great mother’.

“But they say ‘I can’t be with you because of your history and your past’. What? We all have a past and a history.

“The only difference is I f***ing filmed mine. Mine’s on camera.

“Does that make me not dateable?”

Billie said some admirers wanted to “sleep and have sex” with her but didn’t want to commit anything further.

“If you want to use [my] past, and like, not be able to give me an opportunity or whatever,” she continued.

“Because [my videos] are accessible for you and your mates to see, then that’s a ‘you problem’, not a ‘me problem’.”

The former hairdresser wrote on OnlyFans branding herself as the “sexting queen” and “your online personal girlfriend” in the top 0.6% of creators worldwide.

“But seriously I’m going to start sharing my real life conversations with people I have because this blows my mind,” she added in her video.

Viewers were divided and some agreed her career could raise eyebrows.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re great! But to take home to their parents would be a shock. Everyone knows,” one said.

Another commented: “The last bit, yes. That makes all the difference in the world for most men. Hope you find one that doesn’t mind.”

A third said it is “absolutel trash” if Billie does porn online.