Millie Bobby Brown gets candid about her acne: ‘Embracing the imperfections’

Even “Stranger Things” stars battle breakouts.

Millie Bobby Brown shared an Instagram video over the weekend to show how she treats her acne.

“embracing the imperfections,” the 19-year-old actress captioned the clip, tagging her Florence by Mills beauty brand.

“As you can tell, I’m having a pretty rough night with my skin,” Brown said, pointing at her face.

“This zit is not very happy. These pimples up here are not happy. This one right here isn’t,” she continued while gesturing at her bare face.

The “Enola Holmes” star went on to share a “trick that I personally think works,” applying her Clear the Way Clarifying Mud Mask ($20) as a “spot treatment” instead of all over her face.

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After dabbing on the charcoal-based product, Brown placed two Spot a Spot Acne Patches ($15) on her cheek “to give it the love it needs.”

Fans applauded Brown’s candid video in the comments.

“Girl do I understand the struggle…stress related acne plus combination skin ugh…but we all got it and it’s all completely normal!” one fan wrote.

“Millie I love that you show people that no one is physically perfect. A lot of time celebrities put this idea in our heads that they are perfectly beautiful or handsome. And it’s not true. We’re all humans, and humans aren’t perfect! They’re messy and imperfect. Thank you for being raw enough to show us all that,” another wrote.

Added a third, “Love how she shows her imperfections like a normal person, bc some people think that famous people don’t have this [sic] struggles.”

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