A WOMAN who has a gummy smile has hit back at trolls who tell her they “hate it” and think she should fix it with surgery. 

Carla, known on TikTok as @carlasophx, took to her channel to make her point in a candid clip.

Dressed in a blue jumper after styling her brunette mane straight down to frame her face, she smiled for the camera to show off her prominent gums. 

“Just have surgery to *fix* it,” she wrote over the short clip as Lil Tjay’s hit song ‘Leaked’ played in the background. 

She then smiled with her lip shut before lip syncing to the lyrics: “I’m at the point where I don’t really give a f**k now”. 

People were quick to post hurtful comments underneath Carla’s video, with one person saying: “ew I hate it,” [sic]as another described it as “so gross”. 

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But others were a lot more supportive and some even found pride in their own gummy smiles after seeing Carla’s post. 

“Always hated my gummy smile but kinda love it now as my son has a gummy smile and it’s the best smile in the world,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I’ve found my person lmaooo i have a gummy smile too”. [sic] 

A third shared: “It’s cute. I work in at the dentist and we laser gums for bigger teeth. Looks good, but i think gummy smiles are super cute”. [sic] 

“I truly never realized how many of us deal with this. Makes me feel a little better!” 

According to the Harley Street Smile Clinic, 25 per cent of the population have gummy smiles. 

There are many causes behind gummy smiles, including the size and shape of teeth, a short or overactive upper lip muscle, abnormal or partial dental eruption, gingival hypertrophy, and excessive wear and tear of the teeth. 

Carla has previously made her feelings known to haters who leave hurtful comments about her gummy smile. 

In a video posted last year, she shared a short clip of herself lip syncing to Cat Burns’ song ‘go (Higher & Faster). 

Over this, she simply wrote: “Realising I must be pretty when the only hate they give is on my literal GUMS!”

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