NFL: JAN 30 Super Bowl LIV - NFLPA Press Conference

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The NFL Players Association will hold their annual meeting next week in Hawaii. When the player representatives convene, they won’t be picking a new executive director.

Via Daniel Kaplan of, they won’t be voting for a replacement for DeMaurice Smith. Instead, they will simply review the final candidates.

It’s unclear who the final candidates are. It’s unclear how many candidates will be on the final ballot. It is clear that Smith is in his final term, and that he’ll stay until the union picks a new leader.

Smith has held the job since 2009. He replaced Gene Upshaw, who held the job for many years.

Last month, it was reported that recruiter Russell Reynolds presented at least five choices to the union. Some have privately said there are even more.

Ultimately, the union needs to finalize the actual list of candidates and start casting ballots.

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