An OnlyFans model has gone viral after fans told her she looked like a character from Lord of the Rings after having her teeth filed down for veneers.

Rebecca Goodwin boasts 4.1million followers on social media, where she often flaunts her curves and oozes confidence and she speaks candidly about her career as an X-rated model.

The adult actress has also been open about having a boob job – but has now taken another step in her transformation as she’s getting veneers.

But before having some new pearly whites installed – the mum shared videos poking fun at herself after having her teeth filed down.

In one clip, which has gained more than 23,000 likes, Rebecca was seen replying to a comment that asked her to lipsync to the voice of Lord of the Rings character Gollum saying the iconic line “my precious.”

TikTok viewers were left cackling with laughter at the clip as they adore her sense of humour.

One user said: “Works so well, love this.”

Another added: “I was literally refreshing your page to make sure you got Gollum before it was too late.”

A third commented: “This made me unnecessarily happy. Thank you.”

A fourth wrote: “Only Rebecca Goodwin could rock these nashers.”

However, this isn’t the first time a Lord of the Ring reference has been made in Rebecca’s career as she also makes porn parodies of popular films.

Earlier this year, she realised a porn film entitled Lord of my Rings on her OnlyFans page.

The star from Chesterfield is estimated to rake in between £78,000 and £132,000 a month from her 14,500 subscribers on the platform, according to Fansmetrics.