A professional body piercer has been praised on social media after refusing a dad’s request to pierce a two-week-old baby’s ears.

Adhum Price, a Cosmetic Body Piercer at Blue Banana in Birmingham City Centre, denied the punter’s custom.

And in a clip that’s gained more than 1,600 views, they re-enacted an “actual conversation” he had with a potential customer who called into his work.

The customer had required about whether his place of work did piercings – which Adhum confirmed they do.

To which, the dad allegedly replied: “Can I please get my baby’s ears pierced?”

The piercer was visibly alarmed by the word “baby” and asked how old the child was – shockingly revealing the infant was only two weeks old.

Adhum then said he was “focusing heavily on not letting his inside voice pop off”, before refusing the request.

He explained to the customer they “only go from eight years upwards and even then it’s a case of informed consent”.

“You have to have a conversation with your child about whether it’s something they would want to go through with, whether they’re comfortable with having them pierced and whether they’re all right with us using needles for this procedure,” he continued.

The dad still seemed baffled and insisted his newborn baby was “okay with needles” – but the piercer continued to refuse.

While the parent may have been confused by the refusal, Adhum’s TikTok fans were glad they didn’t go through with it.

One user said: “2 weeks? 2 WEEKS?”

Another commented: “Drives me crazy that some parents feel they have ownership of their child’s body. Thanks for being a voice of reason!”

A third wrote: “Can’t stand the thought of people piercing babies, disgusting behaviour babies aren’t fashion accessories.”

However, other users took to the comments arguing that they “couldn’t remember” any pain after having the ears done as a baby.

Some also pointed out it “may be part of their culture” to have them done as infants.