A WOMAN has been called a “Goddess” after showing off her “slim thick” body in black swimwear.

The bikini model regularly shows off her curvaceous body on TikTok and Instagram.

Arabella (@greengirlbella2) models skimpy swimwear and lingerie and has nearly 300,000 followers and over 2million likes.

She regularly makes posts pointing out her thighs and “recoil” and says “thick thighs save lives.”

In one video on TikTok, the influencer shows off a black bikini with white detailing on the straps.

The high-waisted look accentuates her legs and hips while bringing her in at the waist to show off her hourglass figure.

The bra section of the bikini pushes up her assets, which partially spill over the top.

Meanwhile, the thong-style bottoms allow Arabella’s followers to get a full view of her “slim thick” rear.

In the clip, the brunette beauty flips her hair and poses before jumping around to the beat of the music to show viewers the back.

The video showed off her “recoil,” which is a term used to refer to the way a woman’s behind jiggles after she jumps or moves her legs, or the way her breasts move.

Viewers were impressed with the model, with many calling her recoil “impressive” and her body “stunning.”

One woman went as far as to call her a “GODDESS” and another viewer said she is “divine” after seeing the model bounce in the video.

In another video, Arabella shows off a red halter-neck bikini while sitting on an outdoor chair.

Her pose on the furniture shows off her large thighs as she removes a small white sarong.

She then proceeds to move her legs and jiggle her thighs to show off her curvy body and beloved recoil.

The tag #recoil has been viewed over 800million times on the social media platform.

A number of the posts are by women showing off their curves while others are more comical, with a sportsman showing his running in tight shorts.

Meanwhile, the tag #slimthick has been viewed over 100million times, showing that the trend is certainly taking off.

A number of women have also been gaining confidence in their so-called “thunder thighs” as the body positivity movement makes waves on social media.

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