Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans

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The Commanders have added veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Given the presence of second-year QB1 (for now) Sam Howell, the move presumably takes them out of play for Lamar Jackson.

Brissett’s one-year deal includes a $4.5 million signing bonus and a $3 million, fully-guaranteed base salary. The contract also includes up to $2 million in playing-time incentives, and a $500,000 workout bonus.

That’s $8 million in base pay. It’s a significant investment for the Commanders. A whopping $8 million for one year. With Howell there, it makes a pursuit of Lamar less likely.

Of course, if the Commanders go after Jackson, it will be something that originates with ownership. If Daniel Snyder wants Lamar, Daniel Snyder will pursue Lamar.

Still, the addition of Brissett makes that harder to do. And it fits with the notion that Howell is the guy, if he can earn the job. If he can’t, Brissett (who has proven to be a more-than-capable backup quarterback) will be ready to take over.

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