The season-long anticipation has come to an end. But there’s still a lot of basketball left to be played.

On Selection Sunday, a lot was at stake for the teams hoping to go dancing. It was no surprise when South Carolina was named a No. 1 seed and the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament. But who might the Gamecocks have to go through to complete their perfect season?

The field consists of 68 teams – 32 automatic qualifiers and 36 at-large bids.

First Four games are slated for Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16, which will reduce the field to 64 teams. There are two regions, split in half: Greenville and Seattle. 

The Sporting News provided live updates as each of the regions were revealed seed 1 through 16, including the First Four.

Check out the full updates for the 2023 NCAA Women’s Tournament:

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March Madness bracket 2023

Women's March Madness bracket 2023
(SN illustration)

You can download your free, printable copy of the bracket here.

Check out The Sporting News’ Women’s March Madness HQ page for the full Field of 68 along with the schedule and our expert tips and predictions to help win your pool.

Women’s NCAA live bracket updates

9:25 p.m.: These are No. 13 Sacramento State and (hopeful No. 16) Southern’s first NCAA women’s tournament appearances ever.

8:45 p.m.: The last four in are Illinois, Mississippi State, Purdue and St. John’s.

The first four out are Columbia, Kansas, UMass and Oregon.

8:40 p.m.: The top four seeds, per region:

  • Greenville 1: No. 1 South Carolina, No. 2 Maryland, No. 3 Notre Dame, No. 4 UCLA
  • Greenville 2: No. 1 Indiana, No. 2 Utah, No. 3 LSU, No. 4 Villanova
  • Seattle 3: No. 1 Virginia Tech, No. 2 UConn, No. 3 Ohio State, No. 4 Tennessee
  • Seattle 4: No. 1 Stanford, No. 2 Iowa, No. 3 Duke, No. 4 Texas

8:30 p.m.: This is No. 13-seeded St. Louis’s first NCAA women’s tournament appearance ever.

8:10 p.m.: This is No. 14-seeded Southern Utah’s first NCAA women’s tournament appearance ever.

8:05 p.m.: Defending national champion South Carolina is the No. 1 overall seed in this year’s tournament.

7:45 p.m.: All that’s left to do is wait for the bracket to be unveiled. …

7:40 p.m.: Holy Cross’s win in the Patriot League gives them their first automatic qualifying bid since 2007.

Drake’s win was the largest margin of victory over a No. 1 seed in Missouri Valley Conference history.

Monmouth’s win doubles as their first conference championship title and automatic qualifying bid since joining the Colonial Athletic Association in July 2022.

Iowa State’s win earns them their fourth-consecutive NCAA Tournament bid and their first Big 12 championship title since 2001.

7:30 p.m.: ESPN’s Charlie Creme predicts the Big Ten will hold two of the four No. 1-seed slots with Indiana and Iowa. This would be Indiana’s first ever top-seed and the first time for Iowa in over three decades (1988 and 1992 were the last).

7:20 p.m.: The last batch of women’s conference tournaments finished earlier today, solidifying the final five auto-bids, but not without upsets – a seven-seed defeated a one-seed in the Colonial Athletic Association:

  • Holy Cross defeated Boston U 66-61 in the Patriot League
  • Sacred Heart defeated FDU 72-60 in the NEC
  • Drake defeated Belmont 89-71 in the MVC
  • Monmouth defeated Towson 80-55 in the CAA
  • Iowa State defeated Texas 61-51 in the Big 12

7 p.m.: For the second time ever, the men’s and women’s shows are being held on the same date.

First Four

Game 1Illinois vs. Mississippi State for No. 11 seed
Game 2Tennessee Tech vs. Monmouth for No. 16 seed
Game 3Purdue vs. St. John’s for No. 11 seed
Game 4Southern vs. Sacred Heart for No. 16 seed

Greenville 1

SeedTeam (Record)
1South Carolina (32-0)
2Maryland (25-6)
3Notre Dame (25-5)
4UCLA (25-9)
5Oklahoma (25-6)
6Creighton (22-8)
7Arizona (21-9)
8South Florida (26-6)
9Marquette (21-10)
10West Virginia (19-11)
11Illinois/Mississippi State
12Portland (23-8)
13Sacramento State (25-7)
14Southern Utah (23-9)
15Holy Cross (24-8)
16Norfolk State (26-6)

Greenville 2

SeedTeam (Record)
1Indiana (27-3)
2Utah (25-4)
3LSU (28-2)
4Villanova (28-6)
5Washington State (23-10)
6Michigan (22-9)
7NC State (20-11)
8Oklahoma State (21-11)
9Miami (FL) (19-12)
10Princeton (23-5)
11UNLV (31-2)
12Florida Gulf Coast (32-3)
13Cleveland State (30-4)
14Hawai’i (18-14)
15Gardner-Webb (29-4)
16Tennessee Tech/Monmouth

Seattle 3

SeedTeam (Record)
1Virginia Tech (27-4)
2UConn (29-5)
3Ohio State (25-7)
4Tennessee (23-11)
5Iowa State (22-9)
6North Carolina (21-10)
7Baylor (19-12)
8USC (21-9)
9South Dakota State (28-5)
10Alabama (20-10)
11Purdue/St. John’s
12Toledo (28-4)
13Saint Louis (17-17)
14James Madison (26-7)
15Vermont (25-6)
16Chattanooga (20-12)

Seattle 4

SeedTeam (Record)
1Stanford (28-5)
2Iowa (26-6)
3Duke (25-6)
4Texas (25-9)
5Louisville (23-11)
6Colorado (23-8)
7Florida State (23-9)
8Ole Miss (23-8)
9Gonzaga (28-4)
10Georgia (21-11)
11Middle Tennessee (28-4)
12Drake (22-9)
13East Carolina (23-9)
14Iona (26-6)
15SE Louisiana (21-9)
16Southern/Sacred Heart

Biggest NCAA Women’s Tournament snubs


  • NET: 19
  • RPI: 59 


  • NET: 37
  • RPI: 58


  • NET: 41
  • RPI: 66


  • NET: 43
  • RPI: 68 

Michigan State

  • NET: 45
  • RPI: 140 


  • NET: 47
  • RPI: 41


  • NET: 48 
  • RPI: 39

Women’s March Madness schedule 2023

First Four

Wednesday, March 15

(16) Sacred Heart 57, (16) Southern 47 
(11) Mississippi State 70, (11) Illinois 56

Thursday, March 16

MatchupTime (ET)TV
(16) Tennessee Tech vs. (16) Monmouth7 p.m.ESPNU
(11) Purdue vs. (11) St. John’s9 p.m.ESPNU

Round 1

Friday, March 17

GameTime (ET)TV
(9) Marquette vs. (8) South Florida11:30 a.m.ESPN2
(10) West Virginia vs. (7) ArizonaNoonESPN
(10) Georgia vs. (7) Florida State1:30 p.m.ESPN2
(16) Norfolk State vs. (1) South Carolina2 p.m.ESPN
(15) Holy Cross vs. (2) Maryland2:30 p.m.ESPNews
(11) UNLV vs. (6) Michigan3 p.m.ESPNU
(14) Southern Utah vs. (3) Notre Dame3:30 p.m.ESPN2
(15) SE Louisiana vs. (2) Iowa4 p.m.ESPN
(14) Hawaii vs. (3) LSU5:30 p.m.ESPN2
(16) Chattanooga vs. (1) Virginia Tech5:30 p.m.ESPNU
(11) Mississippi State vs. (6) Creighton6 p.m.ESPNews
(16) Sacred Heart vs. (1) Stanford7:30 p.m.ESPN2
(15) Gardner-Webb vs. (2) Utah7:30 p.m.ESPNU
(9) South Dakota State vs. (8) USC8 p.m.ESPNews
(10) Princeton vs. (7) NC State10 p.m.ESPN2
(9) Gonzaga vs. (8) Ole Miss10 p.m.ESPNU

Saturday, March 18

GameTime (ET)TV
(16) Tennessee Tech/Monmouth winner vs. (1) Indiana11:30 a.m.ESPN2
(13) Saint Louis vs. (4) Tennessee1 p.m.ABC
(14) James Madison vs. (3) Ohio State1:30 p.m.ESPN2
(9) Miami (Fla.) vs. (8) Oklahoma State2 p.m.ESPN
(12) Florida Gulf Coast vs. (5) Washington State2:30 p.m.ESPNU
(15) Vermont vs. (2) UConn3 p.m.ABC
(12) Toledo vs. (5) Iowa State3:30 p.m.ESPN2
(11) Purdue/St. John’s winner vs. (6) North Carolina4 p.m.ESPN
(13) Cleveland State vs. (4) Villanova5 p.m.ESPNU
(10) Alabama vs. (7) Baylor5:30 p.m.ESPN2
(11) Middle Tennessee vs. (6) Colorado7 p.m.ESPNews
(12) Drake vs. (5) Louisville7:30 p.m.ESPN2
(12) Portland vs. (5) Oklahoma9 p.m.ESPNU
(14) Iona vs. (3) Duke9:30 p.m.ESPN2
(13) East Carolina vs. (4) Texas10 p.m.ESPN
(13) Sacramento State vs. (4) UCLA11:30p.m.ESPN2

Round 2

Round 2 times will be finalized following the completion of Round 1 on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, March 19

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD1 p.m.ABC
TBD3 p.m.ABC
TBD3:30 p.m.ESPN
TBD5 p.m.ESPN2
TBD5:30 p.m.ESPN
TBD7 p.m.ESPN2
TBD7:30 p.m.ESPN
TBD9:30 p.m.ESPN

Monday, March 20

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD4 p.m.ESPN2
TBD6 p.m.ESPN2
TBD8 p.m.ESPN2
TBD10 p.m.ESPN2

Sweet 16

Friday, March 24

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD2:30 p.m.ESPN
TBD7:30 p.m.ESPN
TBD10 p.m.ESPN

Saturday, March 25

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD11:30 a.m.ESPN
TBD2 p.m.ABC
TBD4 p.m.ESPN2
TBD6:30 p.m.ESPN2

Elite Eight

Sunday, March 26

GameTime (ET)TV

Monday, March 27

GameTime (ET)TV

Final Four

Friday, March 31

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD9:30 p.m.ESPN

National championship

Sunday, April 2

GameTime (ET)TV
TBD3:30 p.m.ABC

How to watch Women’s March Madness games in 2023

The ESPN family of networks (ABC, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNews) will split the duty of broadcasting the 2023 NCAA Women’s Tournament. The games can be also streamed via Sling TV.

RoundTV channel
First FourESPNU, ESPN2
Sweet 16ESPN, ESPN2, ABC
Elite EightESPN
Final FourESPN
National championshipABC

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