THIS is the shocking moment a violent row exploded outside McDonald’s after angry security guards slammed a young girl to the floor.

The Saturday night brawl, caught on camera outside the fast food chain in St John’s, Leeds, was allegedly over some chips.

Before the altercation began, two girls can be seen defending themselves calmly before walking away.

One of them is then hit on the back of the head by one security guard.

The second bouncer joins in, shouting aggressively in the youngsters’ faces.

In one video, posted on TikTok by @ameliamick, screams can be heard as one girl and the man next to her are thrown to the floor by door staff.

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Two other boys rush to their defence before one, wearing a green jumper and light wash jeans, is also pushed onto the pavement.

Eventually the two bouncers back off the group of young lads, shouting: “You’re off your faces. You’re off your faces.”

The girl who posted the footage captioned the video: “Would never normally do this but the kind of stuff bouncers get away with is honestly disgusting.

“This was after my friend had been told to leave because she was eating some chips in the queue and we said can she stand to the side instead of outside on her own at night.

“The girl on the left, asked outside why she had to leave and the security guard on the right pushed her over and was verbally aggressive calling us “b*****s”, “s***s” and “s***s” and pushed her over.

“Fortunately, some strangers attempted to defend us resulting in this.

“Multiple times they tried to stop him and he continued to be physically aggressive even when no one attempted to lay their hands on him.

“Regardless of the level of alcohol, he should not get away with this.

“I dread to think what would have happened if me and my friend were on our own and these guys hadn’t stepped in.”

Viewers were shocked when they saw the violent scene unfold and left messages of support.

One hospitality worker commented: “I used to work in this restaurant and the security was out of order a lot of times.

“I have seen them assault people for no reason some people do get a little out of control when they are drunk.”

Another disgusted TikToker wrote: “He escalated the situation by pushing a young girl in the back whilst she was walking away, literally the most cowardly thing a person can do.”

“To me the security pushed first regardless of someone been mouthy, would he have pushed a man, I doubt it as he would have got knocked out hope McDonald’s are proud of their security”, a third agreed.

Shockingly, multiple people in the comment section came forward to claim they had suffered the same experience.

One girl posted: “The same bouncers from this exact McDonald’s got very aggressive with me after a night out, carried me out and threw me to the ground.”

This was echoed by another viewer: “I’ve seen this security guard do this to two girls a few weeks ago.

“He obviously does it all the time.”

“Needs to be more training done on bouncers and more checks of professionalism, I was recently a victim of a serious assault from two bouncers”, agreed a third.

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A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “The safety and security of our people and customers is our absolute priority, and we have asked the security company that employ the security guards to fully investigate the incident.

“We understand that the video clip in question shows only a small portion of a protracted incident.”

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