SHOPPERS have gone wild as they spot brand-new Dr. Martens boots for up to half their usual price. 

Shirley took to TikTok to share the news after spotting a range of boots and shoes in her local TK Maxx store – including some of their sell-out styles. 

Known online as @shirley_zzz, she regularly shares bargain deals and price comparisons with her 2,900 followers. 

In a new TikTok, she said: “Doc Martens at TK Maxx? Can someone verify if these are legit?

“I was a bit shooketh to find these here.”

During the 15-second video, Shirley shares some of the styles she spotted in her local store in Australia.  


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This included the Women’s Virginia Leather Oxford Shoes in Peach, currently full price on the Dr. Marten’s website for £129. 

The keen bargain hunter also found a pair of the viral Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots and the Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots in cherry red, both usually priced at £159. 

She was also thrilled to see the popular Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots in black on the shelves. 

These were priced at 149.99 Australian Dollars – that’s equal to just under £82, meaning they’re almost half the UK retail price. 

Fans loved her bargain find, with the video gaining more than 45,100 likes and 837,500 views. 

In the comments, other savvy shoppers shared their reactions, with one writing: “100% real! Usually old stock, over stock or outlet stock!”

Another said: “Of course they’re legit! Stores can’t sell counterfeits.”

“I got a pair for £20 in TK Maxx. Mind you that was about 20 years ago. Still have and use them to this day,” a third commented. 

Someone else shared a handy tip for checking if a product is genuine, or whether it’s old stock, adding: “Take a look at the number code! It usually shows if it’s an old season product, delivered from the brand this season, or only produced for TK Maxx.”

Another put: “I’ll be going to my local TJ Maxx tomorrow.”

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