A BEAUTY fan has given an honest review of Aldi’s latest skincare and makeup dupes. 

Debbie known as @Beauty Glow Girl online shared her honest thoughts on the budget brand’s new affordable skincare in a TikTok video.

She said: “Let’s do a full face and honest first impressions of the new Aldi makeup and skincare dupes.

Debbie first tried the Aldi Lacura eye serum £4.99, eye brightening cream £3.99 and moisturiser £3.99 . 

The beauty fan said: “Starting with the skincare, we had the eye serum, the eye brightening cream and the moisturiser. I can’t tell you the long term results of these yet, obviously, but they felt nice, they gave an amazing glow.”

“And first impressions are they’re lovely. I’d recommend these.”

Debbie said she has used the £5 tinted moisturiser and the £3.99 concealer before but was not a fan and wouldn’t recommend the products for dry skin.

Debbie said: “I’ve used the tinted moisturiser from before and then onto the concealer, which was a bit thick, not great for dry skin and a bit textured.”

The makeup fan tried the Aldi Lacura blusher for £4.99 and £5.99 mascara.

She said: “The old blusher I got. And then onto the mascara. This was a bit clumpy and I do actually think you can get better mascaras for less money elsewhere, so I wouldn’t recommend this.”

Out of all of the products she tried Debbie was most impressed with Aldi’s lip products.

The Lacura Lip Gloss is £2.99 and the Lacura lipstick is £2.99. 

“The lip products, overall, these are £2.99 each. I really like these. I don’t think they’re dupes, but they’re nice on the lips. They last quite well. Two ninety nine, I would recommend.”

In the end the Aldi makeup dupe haul got a thumbs down from Debbie.

The beauty fan concluded: “I’ll say firstly none of these are dupes. Some of them are nice and affordable but I don’t believe they’re dupes just because the packaging is the same.”

“Whilst I like some of the Aldi products so many of you talk about not being able to get them and of course the fact that once they’re gone they rarely come back so you can’t stay consistent with the products.”

Debbie’s video gained over 9000 views, her followers said they appreciated her honesty. 

One user said: “I wish they brought back that foundations, it’s the nicest I’ve ever bought.”

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Another said: “I love their skincare.”

A third viewer said: “Thank you. I was thinking about that concealer and now I know it’s a no. I’d rather see the top dupes that are available all year round that you really rate. Thanks.”

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