Obsessed ‘gym bros’ have started eating dog food to consume more protein while taking part in a bizarre viral trend.

Fitness influencer Henry Clarisey was one of the benches blokes making content about the viral trend and has gained more than 21million views on his video.

In the clip, the bloke shows a nutrition page on MyFitnessPal for Pedigree dog food – which falsely states that it has 666g of protein.

The 21-year-old throws caution to the wind and “takes one for the team” in a bid to step up his protein intake.

He said that he knew he ‘needed to try it,’ after seeing the nutrition facts – but claims he would not do it again.

In a follow-up clip, which gained over 300,000 likes, he told fans: “I promise you guys, it’s not worth it.”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, he added: “The dog food tasted extremely dry. Needed so much water after eating it.

“Tasted like little pieces of dirt and I definitely don’t think it was worth it. Even though it’s a lot of protein, I’d take steak or protein powder.”

However, he has turned it into a series, having also tried cat food after a commenter told him it was even higher in protein, gaining 3.3 million views.

But the majority of viewers were left shocked and disgusted by the trend which has also been attempted by gym bros across TikTok – including Christian Chabert and Joshliftsandeats.

One user commented: “ABSOLUTELY NOT.”

Another said: “You’re braver than me.”

A third added: “Omg u did not.”[sic]

Others suggested ways to make it better – like having it like cereal with milk or blending it into a shake.

But while most people wouldn’t eat dog food – it’s not actually harmful to humans.

Pedigree has since issued a statement that said: “Our foods are intended for dogs and cats, but would not be harmful if a human consumed them.

“The manufacturing processes and research that go into our products are equal to —and in some cases, even better than — those of human food manufacturers.”

However, nutritionists have said that it does not meet the nutritional requirements of human food.