Jennifer Hanniston, who posts online under the username @onlyjenniferh, regularly shares videos embracing her sagging skin after becoming a mum in a bid to empower women.

But while comments like that may have gotten other people down, Jennifer continues to be proud of her body and has been fighting back against them.

In one video, that gained more than 240,000 views, the mum was seen wearing a pair of short denim shorts with a purple halterneck crop top, showing off her stomach.

She was seen responding to a comment that said: “Looks like an a*****e.”

In response, Jennifer laughed and said: “Oh, you’re talking about me? I thought you were talking about yourself.”

Another TikTok, showed her responding to a nasty comment with sick emojis that urged her to “put some clothes on”

To which, she replied: “Why would I do that? I live in Costa Rica.

“It’s hot abroad, so I’ll keep wearing the bikinis.”

Jennifer later added: “I don’t give a f**k who talks behind my back.”

In response to those who think “women with stretch marks are gross”, Jennifer clapped back: “Shut up it is not.”

She added: “I’m no spring chicken, I’m fully aware that my boobs have sagged and I’ve got stretch marks.

“But that’s the thing with self-love, you just don’t care.

“I like to bring women up, not tear them down.”