A woman was left rolling her eyes after the HR department told her that her outfit was “inappropriate” – but she knows what they really meant.

Besma, who posts on social media under the username @_besma777, shared a video of herself after being disciplined about her outfit at work.

The woman was seen wearing a white, skin-tight jumper and pink trousers while sitting at her desk in an office.

However, Besma didn’t see anything wrong with her outfit and claimed her curves were actually the reason why she had been pulled aside.

In the text on top of the TikTok video, which has now gained more than 400 views, she wrote: “When HR says your outfit is ‘inappropriate’ but you know damn well they meant your body is inappropriate.'”

She was then seen giving the side-eye to the camera to show her disapproval as she went along with a viral sound.

It said: “Bombastic side-eye. Criminal offensive side eye.”

Nina Osegueda, who has an hourglass figure, took to TikTok to reply to a trend which asked users to reveal “something a job has taught you that you will never forget”.

In the clip, which has reached more than 79,900 likes, she stands side-on to the mirror in a style of dress that would be deemed office wear before turning to the front to reveal her hourglass figure.

“I learned that no matter how appropriately I’m dressed, my body is so distracting that I will never be dressed appropriately for the workplace,” she said.


In a follow-up video, she explained more about why she felt that way, adding: “I was teaching people Adobe and I was laid off. The guy laying me off, the manager told me that I dressed ‘too sexy’.

“The second time it happened, I was working at an office in DC. The female office manager told a coworker that I was wearing a club dress, which was a knee-length dress that wasn’t even fitted.

“It was only fitted at the waist. It wasn’t like fitted at the hips like that dress in my video. So yeah, I’ve gotten it twice and it’s all while wearing perfectly appropriate office wear. It’s just my shape.”