TWO urban explorers have uncovered hundreds of abandoned classic cars.

Matt, 43, and Andy, 56, journeyed to a location in Suffolk, where they originally wanted to explore an abandoned house.

But they were left in shock when they discovered a car graveyard filled with hundreds of classic models that had been forgotten about.

The pair documented their incredible findings on their YouTube channel, FindersBeepers, where they showcased a goldmine of old classic cars that have been abandoned.

Matt explained: “After doing a lot of research on Google Earth, Andy came across the typical signs of an abandoned house only to go on to find a huge barn and field full of classic cars.

‘We were desperate to document them before they were lost to decay.


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“The nostalgia around old cars is huge, and our viewers loved that seeing some of the classics brought back strong memories from their childhood. That’s one of the main reasons why we make our videos.

“I was a massive fan of the Jowett Javelin. However, Andy favoured the Ford Prefect. There would be hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cars in that place, even if it was for parts on some of them.”

“It’s hard to know the backstory of all the abandoned places we go.

“We mostly research as we go, but on this occasion, there was very little to find out.”

Matt and Andy found a Ford Prefect, a Ford Model T, a Morris Van, Austin A40 and a Land Rover Defender.

But also a Bentley S2, Ford Model T, Talbot Sunbeam, and Wolseley 15/60.

This comes after other explorers stumbled across a long-forgotten graveyard abandoned in the woods.

And last year, an incredible car graveyard on an abandoned farm was revealed in a video online.

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