A MOM has admitted that she has no bra days and revealed her telltale sign of when those are.

The number of women opting to openly ditch the bra is increasing as they opt for comfort.

The tag #nobraday has over 33million views on TikTok while some women are choosing to go without the undergarment for good.

TikToker and caregiver Roxanne Lynch (@roxannelynch68) is a proud member of the “#over40moms” club and has revealed her telltale behavior on no-bra days.

In a video, she explained that she makes the most of the days when she puts a bra on by creating “batches” of content.

Roxanne said in the video: “Do I put a bra on every day? No.

“Do I actually get dressed every day? No.

“Do I put make-up on every day? No.

“But you can bet your a** when I do, I’m gonna batch some TikToks.”

With over 136,000 likes and over 26,000 followers, Roxanne posts content giving advice that she has learned throughout her life.

She also uses her social media page to “mentor women” on how to make money using social media accounts.

She says: “I am a passionate believer of ‘Together WE are more.’

“The strength we glean from a positive, empowering & encouraging circle of women. 

“I am a wife and mother and am on a mission to inspire others to ‘Live Wider & Do It Now.'”

Roxanne spent much of her career working in corporate until a change in leadership meant she found work “toxic” and “stressful.”

In 2017, things took a turn when her father had multiple retinal detachments, leaving him blind.

Meanwhile, her mother was in the early stages of Dementia and was unable to drive.

This led to Roxanne becoming their caregiver, which saw her run errands and taking them to the “seemingly endless doctor appointments, surgeries, and checkups.”

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“I turned to ‘Social Retail’ online as it fit (and fun!) around their care and needs and what began as a few hundred to buy groceries and pay the bills became a full-time income that offered my husband and I much flexibility,” she said.

With her busy schedule that sees her often without the time or the inclination to wear makeup and a bra, Roxanne makes the most of the days she does wear it to create TikToks.

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