A woman with a lazy eye is going to correct the very thing that launched her career.

Elley Davies, 19, from Pembrokeshire, first went viral after posting her makeup videos to TikTok.

She quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers as she embraced her eye turn – or strabismus – that she’s had since birth.

She also gained the respect of many for her fiery approach to dealing with trolls.

The stunner defied haters by launching an OnlyFans account, where she’s made a killing from saucy lingerie snaps.

She was later picked up by an influencer agency and featured in a modelling shoot for them.

Despite reaping the rewards from her unique look, Elley has now the made the decision to pursue surgery – something she vowed never to do.

“I still want to do modelling, I’m currently In the process of arranging my surgery for my eye correction to give me the confidence I want to model,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“I’ve recently done a shoot in London with my TikTok management, it was the best experience of my life and it was more than I ever dreamed of!

“Despite my eye, I felt so comfortable.

“I relaxed and welcomed by all the girls who had done it previously, whereas this was my first time. But wow, what an experience!”

From studying a beauty course at college and being a shot girl at a local club, Elley’s life is seriously busy.

And building on her confidence is a priority for her – especially as she’s been invited abroad by a tan company to feature in a shoot.

So Elley hopes her eye surgery makes her more comfortable when striking a pose in front of the camera.

“I’ve also been Invited on holiday with a tanning company for a shoot but I can’t say too much about it just yet,” she teased.

“This year I think is gonna be my year, all these things are happening and I’m just overwhelmed with happiness that I’m finally getting recognition.

“I just want to keep thriving, tackling any obstacles that come my way and still coming out doing what I love.

“And also wanting to come out of my comfort zone and do things I only imagine doing!

“It’s gonna be the best year of my life so far.”

“Where I come from, I don’t see any opportunities for me, I felt like I was destined to have what I have now.”

You can follow Elley on TikTok here and Instagram here.