Legendary adult film star

Jenna Jameson

appears back to her sizzling best after a health scare, posting a nude picture to announce her “fresh start”.

The 49-year-old took to Instagram last week with a topless snap and skimpy lingerie.

She captioned it: “Started a new TikTok- we love a fresh start…—-> thejamesontriangle.”

It comes month after the porn icon revealed she was being treated for Guillain-Barré syndrome which left her “unable to walk”.

Since her diagnosis in January 2022, the 49-year-old has made slow and steady progress to regain her mobility, after she was hospitalised with the illness.

At the time she said in a video: “I’m dealing with a little syndrome called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, so I’m working through that.

“And I just wanted to let you know that I see all your DM’s, and I appreciate it so much.”

Jenna’s March 2022 update revealed she was no longer wheelchair bound, but still needed aid when walking.

In her post she said: ‘Hey guys, so a little update. I am up and walking with my walker. I’m doing it with one hand right now, usually I’m a little bit more nimble. But I’m up and about. Trying to phase out the wheelchair.’

She explained that she was aiming to build back the muscle in her legs after suffering with nerve issues.

Jenna reassured fans that she was not completely paralysed, but had little nerve damage that she’s currently working on improving.

Another clip saw her walking, flexing her feet in an Instagram story, saying: “I’m feeling better. I’m able to walk pretty well. How cool is that? Feeling a lot better.”

Jenna – who shares a daughter, Batel Lu, with her partner Lior Bitton – admitted her recovery is ‘messy’ but she like ‘a good challenge’.

She said: “This has been not only physically taxing but I think, more than that, just really mentally challenging. Very mentally challenging.”

A Twitter post at the end of 2022 saw the model attached to a drip where she shared that she was “getting better every day”.

Then in an Instagram post earlier this year she posted: “Walking unaided finally! Happiness is creeping in… thanks to everyone for all the uplifting messages… it means so much to me.”

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