Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Steelers did not finish at the bottom of the standings in 2022, but they did wind up with the first pick in the second round.

Sending wide receiver Chase Claypool to the Bears ahead of last year’s trade deadline netted the team the 32nd overall pick — there are 31 first-round picks due to the Dolphins being stripped of their first-round choice as a tampering penalty — in this year’s draft, but head coach Mike Tomlin didn’t sound like he’s set on using it to add a player to the roster on Friday night. Tomlin said at a Monday press conference that he is looking forward to getting calls about trading the pick.

“I think that’s what’s exciting about, you mentioned 32, being in that position, we’re acknowledging that we’re not quarterback shopping and that position might be one that attracts quarterback shoppers,” Tomlin said, via “And so it’s exciting to see what might transpire with some of those phone calls and the value that we might be able to get. It is a unique position for us to be in and we are very excited about it.”

The Steelers may have a player they love available to kick off the second round, so a trade isn’t a sure thing but the interval between rounds means that the Steelers will certainly have multiple paths available to them later this week.

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