Broncos vs Chiefs

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Broncos coach Sean Payton might be a quarterback whisperer. When it comes to the importance of the offensive line, there’s no whispering to be done.

“Bill [Parcells] felt the offensive line was one of the most important positions on your roster because it permeated the building,” Payton said last week at his pre-draft press conference. “He didn’t say it had to be done in the draft or in free agency, but he just felt like that position group was important. Regardless of his philosophy and my exposure to Bill — when [General Manager] George [Paton] and I started — and George even had mentioned this in an earlier press conference prior to free agency — that was a focus for us in upgrading and getting our team better.”

The Broncos added Mike McGlinchey and Ben Powers in free agency, two presumed starters for a new-look offensive line. Whether they’re looking for another starter or simply for depth, they Broncos likely will be adding more blockers.

Payton also said that, the night before the pre-draft press conference, he and G.M. George Paton watched 1,200 snaps of three players “because you really are trying to get the totality of what’s coming in the building.”

Twelve hundred snaps? That seems like a lot of work from Payton and Paton, but a lot of work needs to be done in Denver, and they’re willing to put the work in. For Broncos fans who are clamoring for a return to relevance, that’s good news.

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