A KEEN gardener has revealed a super simple tip she learned from her dad which helps you work out if your plants need watering in seconds. 

Samantha Rose suggested that you can work out if your plants are dry by gently kicking the pots they’re in – and if they topple, they need a good water.

And even a gardening expert has confirmed that she uses this trick too. 

Known online as @samantharoseketo, the content creator regularly shares handy life hacks with her 83,400 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “My dad taught me one of the best garden hacks. 

“This is going to save you a lot of time, and a lot of plant’s lives. 


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“Best way to tell if your plant needs water, just kick the pot. 

“If it doesn’t move, it doesn’t need water. 

“If it moves, it needs water. 

“You’re welcome.”

During the 17-second video, Samatha is seen gently kicking two plant pots.

While the first barely moves, which suggests it doesn’t need watering, the second almost topples over.

She takes this as a sign to give it a top-up with her hose.

Fans loved her quick tip, with the video gaining more than 73,400 likes and 1.5 million views. 

In the comments, other TikTokkers shared their reactions – with one expert even confirming that her tip works. 

One wrote: “Not going to lie as a professional horticulturist, I walk around the greenhouses doing this all day and tipping hanging baskets!”

Another said: “Genius!!”

A third joked: “I’m gonna start kicking people to see if they’re dehydrated. Doing Good work.”

Someone else put: “Smart dad!”

Experts at Square Mile Farms have confirmed the hack – however, they do encourage their readers to lift their plants, rather than kick them. 

On their website, it states: “Another way to tell if your plants need watering is to lift their pots to determine their weight. This is a common practice in nurseries when watering.

“If the plant is dry it will be lighter than usual, as water adds to its weight. 

“This is a really quick method and is recommended if you have lots of potted plants! For larger pots, try to tilt them to gauge their weight.”

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